About Insignion

Insignion Management Consulting GmbH was founded with an emphasis on management consulting in the financial service sector. The company is jointly managed by Gunter Barghorn and Christoph Rachor.

Our aim is to support our clients like partners in achieving their targets. It matters to us to assist, guide and backup our clients from devising the project idea all the way through to implementation. We see our approach to consulting as holistic with regard to E2E, covering the entire life cycle of the program or project, respectively. We focus our offering on the financial services industry and full service banks. In cooperation with affiliated consultancy firms we provide services to other industries as well.

Our collaboration within the team, and of the Insignion staff with our clients, features partnership spirit, confidence, and a high degree of commitment and professionalism. We consider the low staff turnover at Insignion as an asset as well as the continuously increasing client base.

Management Team

Gunter Barghorn and Christoph Rachor are the managing partners at Insignion. Each of them has over 15 years of management consulting experience in German and international major companies. The key focus of their consulting activities is set on the financial service industry as well as on the areas of automotive, engineering and telecommunication.

Gunter Barghorn

is managing partner of Insignion GmbH

Mr. Barghorn has long-term expertise with the implementation of appropriate management and reporting structures of complex program and project ventures ... more

Christoph Rachor

is managing partner of Insignion GmbH

Mr. Rachor gathered experience for more than 15 years in strategy and management consulting in the automotive, telecommunication and financial services industries ... more


To ensure continuous further development of the comprehensive range of our services, we maintain close contact with universities, economy think-tanks and other specialized consultancies.

With our cooperation with WifOR and the Forschungszentrum Risikomanagement (i.e. Research Center for Risk Management) we keep pace with scientific economic research. We jointly author publications and have access to top specialists for most recent best practices and thus ensure the capability for state od the art professional research results.

Through our contact with TU Darmstadt (University of Technology Darmstadt) and the University of Würzburg we provide an optimal mixture of academic and practice-oriented work.

The collaboration with HPP Consulting enables us to draw on expertise in different industries. Grobman & Schwarz GmbH assists with the technical development of our enablers.


Designing coordination in complex IT programs: The ‘program coordination tool’ (2013): In this paper, we present the results of examining an information technology (IT) artefact design project in the context of a complex IT program. This design project was triggered by several IT program-specific challenges, including a large number of interdependencies between multiple involved projects and multiple program hierarchy levels ... mehr (PDF Download)

Der interne Risiko Report (2013): Während das Risikomanagementsystem für die Datengewinnung und methodische Aufbereitung von Risikoinformationen zuständig ist, muss das Risikoberichtswesen die Informationen darstellen und verteilen ... mehr (PDF Download)

Risiko Reporting Kolumne (2013): „Overreported but underinformed“ Eine Alltagssituation: Sie fahren mit einer angenehmen Reisegeschwindigkeit von ca. 130 km/h, auf der Autobahn. Plötzlich leuchtet ein Symbol im Cockpit Ihres Autos mit einer Ihnen unbekannten Anzeige ... mehr (PDF Download)